Samford’s Center for Sports Analytics Releases College Football Relevance Rankings

Passion. The word alone defines the unique magic of college football. From the gameday traditions to the seething hatred for bitter rivals, unwavering passion runs deep in the veins of college football fans everywhere.

At the heart of that passion is the emotional connection — or relevance — between fans and their favorite school. Fans are drawn to the most relevant teams – the ones that connect with them on a deep emotional level (both positively and negatively).

So which school stands alone as the “most relevant” college football team?

According to Samford University’s Center for Sports Analytics, three teams can make that claim — Alabama, Michigan and Clemson.

The rankings, developed in partnership with Affinio, were compiled based on data from approximately 6.9 million sports fans. Through a deep dive into the social media habits of U.S. sports fans, Samford University’s Center for Sports Analytics and Affinio conducted a detailed study and analyzed how millions of fans are connected to teams, tapping into billions of interest variables and network connections.

Here are the complete relevance rankings for all Power 5 conference teams, along with a few additions including Notre Dame, Houston, Boise State, Brigham Young (BYU) and military schools Navy and Army.

Click here to see the relevance rankings for all 65 Power Five teams

Screenshot 2017-10-18 19.27.14

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